Ideas for upgrading curricular elements and making 21st century tools and technologies an integral part of teaching and learning in the classroom

Provide the following information for each of the three sections listed:
  • Technology Resources
    • What is it and how do I use it?
    • Provide a description of a specific technology that supports 21st century skills. Include the basic knowledge and steps necessary to begin using this technology.

  • Replacement Ideas
    • How might this resource replace outdated elements and/or provide a more engaging and motivating learning experience?
    • Provide an explanation of the kinds of outmoded practices this technology might replace.

  • Research
    • What are the documented uses and benefits of this resource?
    • Post a link to at least on one article, essay, or web-based paper that provides classroom examples, best practices, or research about the use of this technology. Include a brief one-paragraph summary of the information contained in the article, essay, or web-based paper.

Holly: Movie Maker and/or Webquests
Kristy: Smartboards
Karen: Virtual Learning
Hannah: Voicethreads
Michael: Smartboards
Leah: Podcasts
Patricia: ActivBoards
Jennifer- Promethean Boards
Adam: Wikis
Perry: Digital Video Camera, Adobe Production Premium
Salam: On-Line Resources
Susan: Blogs