What is it and how do I use it?
VoiceThreads are collaborative, multimedia slide shows that hold images, documents, and videos. It also allows people to leave comments using a microphone, telephone, text, audio file, or webcam. VoiceThreads can be accessed at www.voicethread.com. Once you access the website the steps to create a voicethread are simple.
1. Click on “Sign in or Register”
2. Create a new account
3. Click “create”
4. Then click “upload or edit” to add your media file.
5. Then click “comment” to add a comment using one of the 5 tools listed above
This video is a step by step guide of how to set up a VoiceThread account as well as how to create and manage your media files.

Replacement Ideas

The use of VoiceThreads in education allows for students to analyze a variety of things, it could be an image, poem, or political cartoon. It could replace/upgrade the written analysis in the classroom as well as enhance student analysis after listening and reflecting upon peer responses. VoiceThreads can also enhance extension activities (homework) in a language classroom. Students can listen or watch a short video clip in the target language and express and defend their opinions as well as comment on those of their peers. Offering structured speaking activities outside of the classroom has been almost impossible without the technological resources like VoiceThreads. Students can also create their own presentations or books for different courses such as History or English and participate in peer editing/critiquing. At the elementary level, students can narrate their stories to promote reading fluency. Students can also retell stories in their own words to ensure comprehension.

This link offers examples of how VoiceThreads have been used at different age groups. http://voicethread4education.wikispaces.com/

The benefits of VoiceThreads are endless. They are simple to create and manage, they engage students, promote collaboration, and encourage students to reflect upon and recognize peer input. It is a great way to encourage students to communicate and collaborate inside and outside of the classroom. VoiceThreads like any other tool must be implemented effectively, with a clearly stated desired goal, and create lesson with the end in mind. Some of the uses for VoiceThreads include:
- Create a virtual tour of a country or historical place.
- Comment on photographs.
- Create oral book reports.
- Create a public service announcement on an important local or world issue.
- Analyze and comment on charts and graphs.
- Simulate a debate.

The following two links provide benefits and support the effectiveness of VoiceThreads in education. They also offer further uses for VoiceThreads.