Promethean Boards

What is it and how do you use it?
A Promethean Boards is an interactive learning tool that allows students to experience hands on practice and personal involvement with their learning.
Description that supports 21st century skills. It brings a world of opportunities into the classroom. Student engagement and exposure to meaningful experiences increases through the use of the board.

Interactive whiteboards are electronic chalkboard-size devices that are similar to flat screen televisions but function like a touch screen computer (Laschert, 2004). They are typically placed at the front of the classroom and are usually connected to a computer and data projector. Teachers and students can write directly on the board to annotate and highlight any image and text (Media & Methods, 2006). “Teachers can write notes, manipulate images on the screen, open new files and programs, run a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation, log on to the Internet, show a short film, and even record a lecture without ever stepping away from the board—or the front of the class” (Laschert, 2004)

Getting Started with Your Promethean Board:

How might it replace outdated elements and provide more engaging and motivating learning?
The Promethean Board replaces several items used in the classroom and places it in an all in one tool. The Promethean Board replaces the traditional chalkboard or whiteboard, classroom computer, LCD projector, overhead projector, and VCR's. Promethean Boards can also replace field trips. With budget cuts, students may not be able to go on as many field trips as they have in the past. The board opens up a world to discovery right in the classroom. Virtual Field trips have become common practice in classrooms with interactive technology.

There are many reasons to integrate Promethean Boards in your classroom. The increase in student engagement in content areas is undeniable. The availability of resources already developed on the internet is impressive. It replaces so many common tools within the classroom. In my current classroom, my Promethean Board replaced my chalkboard which decreased dust content in my class. The Promethean Boards can be used by teachers to collect data. Teachers can use TurningPoint to ask questions and students will use clickers to answer. It is a way to collect data with an interactive student response system. This is more accurate than students raising their hands to answer a question.


Dr. Robert Marzano, a leading educational researcher, has completed a multi-year study (2008-2010) to determine the effectiveness of the Promethean ActivClassroom as a tool to help improve student achievement by 16 percentile points.

In the report, “Evaluation Study of the Effect of Promethean ActivClassroom on Student Achievement,” Dr. Marzano‘s research establishes that Promethean technologies led to sustainable improvement in student achievement.

Dr. Marzano's report states that he did find a correlation between the interactive whiteboard in the classroom and student achievement. He also feels that it made a difference on the experience of the teacher and years experience with the Promethean Board. It would certainly make a difference if the teacher was just given the board or received the proper training. 85 controlled classrooms and 85 non-controlled classrooms were used to collect the data on student achievement. The student achievement was able to increase 16 percentile points.

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