Differentiated Instruction

What is differentiated Instruction?

Differentiated Instruction (DI) involves planning instruction which meets the needs of diverse learners. It requires educators to understand the learners which they are teaching. Differentiated instruction focuses on honoring students prior knowledge, interests and learning styles. DI incorporates ongoing assessments of students understanding and acquisituion of content and performance standards. Through Di teachers are able to close skill and knowledge gaps and provide accomodations for individual students.

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Research Supporting Differentiated Instruction

 Resources to Help you Implement Differentiation Strategies in your Classroom:

Useful Handouts/Articles for Classroom Teachers:

  1. Differentiation of Curriculum-Instruction-Assessment (handout)
  2. Multiple Intelligences Quiz-Which areas are your strength? ( For Teachers/Adults)
  3. Learning Styles test for adolescents/teenagers
  4. Differentiated Wait time (handout)
  5. The 7 Building Blocks of Differentiated Instruction
  6. What is 21st Century Learning
  7. 21st Century Learning Environments

Resources for a variety of learners:

  1. Left Handed Students
  2. Over Active Students
  3. Blooms Taxonomy Question stem- (good for all content areas)

Differentiation activities by content area:

English Language Arts (reading and writing)
Social Studies
Foreign Langauge
Technological Resources

Differentiated Instruction for ESL students